Anti-Art for the Busy Professional

Tristan Tzara is my anti-drug

Only Semi-Nude on Alternate Thursdays
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acadian, acadien, activism, advertisement, alan rickman, anchorman, ancient history, anti-art, anti-gwyneth, anti-racism, anti-war, art, b-list celebrities, barbie, barbie porn, bisexuality, boston, brian jonestown massacre, buffy, cambridge, cat, catholicism, chococat, christian mysticism, cieszyn, class politics, coffee, computers, dada, dadaism, dandy warhols, dodsworth, downtempo, duff, eastern europe, episcopalianism, eugene o'neill, facial products, fairy tales, fairytales, faith no more, fashion, fashionistas, feminism, films, final fantasy, foreign films, freaks, free money, fritz lang, geography, gloria swanson, hong kong cinema, imperial teen, indira varma, intersectionality, juvenile justice, keanu reeves, kieslowski, kitties, leftist politics, lesbians, liberal politics, liberation theology, lucid dreaming, maine, makeup, marxist theory, mary pickford, morcheeba, mos def, mysticism, navel gazing, oasis, obscure countries, pamela anderson, paulo freire, poland, presque isle, pro-choice, psychology, queer as folk, reality television, religious tolerance, salma hayek, schiele, sharks with laser beams, silent films, six feet under, skin care, skye edwards, slash, snacks, social justice, social revolution, social work, somerville, stargazing, sunny in philadelphia, the rentals, tolstoy, tommy lee, tristan tzara, video games, william blake
I am thirtysomething just like the television show!!! But I am not cast in moody lighting and engage in overly emotional "issues." I just like Pie. And Ice Cream. And Pie with Ice Cream.

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Julia and Dolphins and Gwyneth and Ducks are really not about love at all

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